Everyone is aware of the FaceBook/Zuckerberg IPO situation and all the lawsuits that different companies and stockholders have filed since the IPO recently. This situation will go on for years before settling.

I’ll be surprised if it ever settles to everyone’s satisfaction. I would recommend that Mark and his bride stay out of this country. There are many upset people, especially when they heard Mark sold Billions of dollars in stock when the stock reached its high. Mark had insider information that others did not have. I always heard that was against the law. Must be another set of laws for the rich and famous.

Well, I have been thinking about this FB IPO and Zuckerberg situation, and I have come up with a solution for our college tuition problem. I call it the “Life IPO.” Wall St has developed some strange ways to risk/make money, and this is my way of helping the young college students of America.

This is how I see this working. Each high school student who decides to go on to college would join the Life IPO. This IPO would be an ETF/Stock that would bet against the future earnings of all students who become part of the group. The ETF/stock would be open to all traders, large and small. All traders have the option to purchase the ETF/stock, which they didn’t during the FB IPO.

As these future kids graduated and entered the work force, they would start working and earning a living. Once their earnings reached a certain level, a percentage of their income would go into the ETF/Stock. A percentage would pay as a dividend to the stockholders of the ETF /stock. The larger their income the larger the percentage paid into the ETF/stock as earnings. However, only to a certain income level. As we say in life, pay it forward.

Investors would buy the stock. It would grow in value because it pays a dividend, and the divided would grow in size as more and more students paid into the system.

The stock value when sold would help put your kids through school, as well. Buy low sell high, more money for kids education. I don’t see a downside.

The cash paid into the fund is available for one purpose. To help kids get an education. Think about it. Kids graduate from college without a burden of college loans to pay back, but rather finding a job and one day paying, into the fund, to help others get the same chance to get a free education.

The EFT/Stock can’t be sold or used for any other purpose. Some unscrupulous CEO/COO can’t swoop in and take control of cash for their own use. The money is there for our young. As more kids graduate and go to work the money grows. The dividend grows and the number of kids getting, and education grows.

Do I think it’s that simple, no. Do I think it will take smarter minds than mine to put this all together so it works, right? Yes. But, do I think it can be done, yes.

I would be surprised if somewhere on Wall St some smart trader has not already thought of an idea like this one and put the folder in his top drawer for future thinking. It may have been five years or ten years ago. But someone considered this idea before.

I can’t be the first. It may have been about something other than education, but they thought about the idea. Life IPO.

To start the IPO with a sound financial base. People like Mark Zuckerberg should have to put several Billion Dollars into the fund. There’s plenty of people who screwed the system who can afford to pay into the system and help get this started.

It’s an idea that’s here now, and our bodies are ready to be used for investment. Think about the organs we have. If your organs could be part of the IPO, would you be interested in taking better care of your body? Would you exercise more and eat better? Stay healthy.

Life IPO … I think it’s here … we just have to figure out how to make it work.

I know you have something to say. Think I’m nuts.