I have a dear friend that I have known since we were 9. We both grow up with parents in the Air Force. Over the years, now and then, our paths would cross when our dad’s would get station at a base at the same time. We would know when the other headed our way, because our dad’s would come home and tell us that he had talked to the others dad. We couldn’t wait to see each other and see how we had changed.

We have tried our best to stay in touch. It has mostly been through a phone call and email. I have only seen him twice since we parted ways the last time we were together at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City in 1967.

There was always something about him that bothered me, not in a negative way. It wasn’t that I thought he was gay or anything like that. This guy could get a girl without even trying. I watched him pickup two girls one night, and take them both back to his house while his parents were out of town.

He was smart. Never studied and made straight A’s. I never saw Bryan pick up one book. Was up till one or two in the morning and then always up in time to go to school.

His mom took care of him like a small child. She woke him up each morning at the same time and started his shower for him. She made his breakfast each morning. She washed all his clothes, cleaned his room. Made sure she ironed his clothes, even his jeans. His life was perfect. If I had asked my mom to iron my jeans, she would have laughed me out of the house.

I spoke to Bryan when he was 33 Yrs old. He was working for a firm on Walls St making well over $500,000 a year. Killer money.

Never married …, Not Gay … several girl friends … none live in.

Still living at home with his parents. They retired, moved to NY so they could be close to Bryan. He purchased a large home so they could all live together. She still did all things for him at 33 she did when he was an adolescent.

Do you know where this is going … ?

When I saw the cover of Time magazine this week, I had to call Bryan and ask the ???.

“Bryan, how old where you when your mom stopped breast feeding you?”

“That’s kind of personal David. But, since we are close friends and my mom has passed away, and I know where you’re going with this, I was 7 almost 8 and my dad came home from work and blew a gasket.”

This answered every question I ever had about Bryan.

The only thing the picture on the cover of Time magazine is missing is the partner on the other tit. That would complete the circle of life.