A friend of the family is moving to Dallas Texas. He and his wife have decided that they will rent for a year before they decide where to purchase their next home. I went with them while they started looking for an apartment. I have to say that my eyes were open to the New World of renting.

Apartments are like the airline industry, they are no longer one-size-fits-all. Just like in the airline industry where they now nickel and dime, us for every little charge they can, the apartment industry now do the same thing.

You not only have to pay the basic rent, but you also have to pay for covered parking, a monthly rental fee for each pet, as well as all of your utilities.

The deposits have also changed. Instead of paying a single deposit for your pets, you now must pay an individual deposit for each pet, as well as the deposit for the apartment. The deposit for the apartment is lower than the deposit for the pets.

I stood at the window of the office and watched the people in the pool and wondered how long it would be before they start requiring the tenants to pay to enter the pool each time. I give them 12 months.

It was the deposits and monthly payment for pets that truly interested me the most. Each pet requires a non-refundable deposit of $300. For each pet, you must pay a $15 monthly rental fee.

The deposit for the apartment is $200. This deposit is refundable. This would cover up to a two-bedroom unit, which could include up to four adults. Go figure.

Let’s do a little math. The $200 deposit covering a two-bedroom unit with 2 adults would average out to $.64 per lb if you only had two adults living in that unit. That’s if you use the weight of the adults estimating that the husband weighed 190 lbs and the wife weighed 120 lbs. If you were to add two additional children, the per pound cost would go even lower.

The cost of the animal, assuming that they only weighed an average of 9 pounds, would be $33 per lb per animal for the deposit. A Hefty cost for a deposit on an animal. On top of that, you add the $15 per month charge. Wow!

I know that some people do remarkably little to train their pets. I know from experience. I have a unit I rent out. 6 years ago, I spent $4500 cleaning up and repairing the mess two men and 4 cats made in my unit before they moved out. I also fired the management company who should have been paying attention to what was going on. I wish I had $1200 in deposits along with $720 in the yearly rental to help cover that cost. All I had was $250.

But, 99% of my tenants have pets, and they move out without that kind of damage.

It’s just unbelievable to me that apartments now days put such attention to pets and so little to the people who live in the unit.

I guess they put the higher cost on trying their best to keep the pets out and the lower cost on getting money in the door.

The other item that caught my attention was the speech they give that you can only have 2 adults per bedroom in the unit.

I wondered if a couple moved into a 2-bedroom unit. And they had 2 pets. Could they go to court and argue that the pets constituted the other two adults in the house? Therefore, they should not have to pay the additional pet rent of $15 per month per pet.

People treat their pets just like humans, so why not. Don’t you have pets that you treat just like part of the family?

Why not the same thing?