This morning, my wife and I got up and decided to go to breakfast. We headed to our favorite restaurant, the Old Pancake House in Addison Texas. We had not been to breakfast in and a long time. We both usually have something going on that prevents us from getting out and enjoying breakfast together.

When we headed out the door, I made the comment, “I put my belt in the second hole I made. If I continue to lose weight, I will have to purchase new clothes and a new belt.”

During breakfast, I was thinking about the weight I have lost over the last several months, and how much better I feel. The difference it has made on my knees and my ability to walk and get around.

For some time now, I have been trying to figure out a new line of a post I can start on my blog. Well, how about tracking the success of my weight loss.

In Jan of this year, I weighed 351 Lbs. My doctor has been on me forever to lose weight. It’s not that I have not tried. At different times in my life, I considered having surgery to help me lose weight, but my doctor is against it.

Over the years, I have used trainers, weighs, running, and diets, lost hundreds of pounds only to gain it all back and more. When I lived in Tucson, I trained to ride in the El Tour De Tucson bike race. I finished the race. I could jump rope up to 2 hours without stopping years back before I hurt my knees. I could run up to ten miles a day. I was in shape, but I could never lose the weight.

In March of this, year after all this time, excising, and diets, my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes type 2. I do not take any meds, but we control it with my diet. Since that diagnoses, I test my blood every day. The readings are in the mid 90’s, which my doc considers acceptable.

I have lost over 50 Lbs in this short time. No fats, no sugars, low carbs, no red meats, plenty of Veges, no breads. At the rate, I am going I will lose the weight I need to lose by this time next year. If not before,

The only two supplements I take are cinnamon and fish oil.

I know it’s not a smart thing to say getting diabetes is a good thing but in one way it has been for me. It forced me to change my eating habits and give up all sweets, 100%. I have not eaten any sweets in 90 days, and I do not have the urge to eat them, even when they’re set in front of me.

For once, I feel as if I will keep the weight off, once I lose it. How I can say life is fantastic when I have diabetes is strange, but it is. Life is peachy.  If I can spend the rest of my life writing, which I love to do, and keep the weight off, controlling it by controlling my diabetes. Why not say my diabetes in some way was a good thing.

People often say God works in mysteries ways. Well.

They also say God answers prayers in his own good time. Well.

Check back and I will post additional information about my weight lose and how I am doing. If you have a situation like mine let others hear about it.