Just say “No.” That seems to be what many psychologists tell us to do now days. In one of my previous post on my blog, I commented about the amount of time that many of the members of our WANA group seem to spend on twitter and Facebook. It seems to me that some of them spend close to 24 hours a day on their twitter account. I am confident that I am wrong but based on the times of the post it appears that way.

During the last several months, I have spent less time on twitter and Facebook. I am actually trying to break myself away from both of these social media program. Not full time, but less than in the past. I found myself waking up each morning and starting both programs, and then spending long hours each day searching the post on twitter for stories that I could comment about. It was taking up more and more of my time. Which meant less time writing?

The same thing was happening on Facebook. Before I knew it, I have four different Facebook pages and spending my time jumping from Facebook account to Facebook account.

The stress level in my life was beginning to rise. No wonder my life seems to be growing shorter, by the day. Then I read an article that said all of the different social media outlets, as well as e-mail, raise your stress level each time you use them. The Dr. that wrote the article recommended that you take a break from all the social media outlets for a week at a time and see how different the stress in your life became.

I tried it. It was unbelievable how different my life became. How easy it was to fall asleep at night. How different the food felt during digestion. I even found myself calling my friends on my phone rather than texting them.

I remember reading a message on Facebook one day. A member of our WANA group wrote that they were experiencing a difficult time trying to figure out what to post on their blog. I believe they use the word stress, stressing out over what to post.

This brought home to me the fact that we stress out over ideas to post on our blogs. Were we so concerned about what we were going to post on our blogs that we allowed it to stress our lives and change the way we deal with our life on a daily bases. It forced me to start re-examining the way I deal with my life. And, whether or not I wanted to live a stressful life just to keep twitter and Facebook as a means of communication.

There is no way my life, is defined by what is in my twitter, Facebook, and Blog. For some people, it appears so.

I made the decision that if I found something compelling to post on my blog, twitter or Facebook then I would post it so others could read. But if I came across something interesting, then my blog would go without a new post. I was not going to stress myself out, beat my head against the wall, and try to re-examine the entirety of my life just to find something to post.

Sure, I could find some political statement to make those others may or may not wish to hear. However, I do not feel like making my blog into some political hack blog. I want my blog to be the type of blog that every one of every makeup would enjoy reading.

Life is stressful enough as it is, without adding the stress of twitter, Facebook and a blog. Trying to write books and sell them has become even more stressful with the coming doom of the Death Star Six. Dealing with a family and friends who are jealous of your success makes life even more stressful.

On top of that for those who have a family, you have the rigors of taking care of that family and keeping them happy. Life is nothing but one gigantic stress. Then you add twitter, Facebook, a blog and e-mail.

Just say, “No.”