I had my first experience at family rejection this week because of my choice of genre. A dear friend of mine of many years heard that I had published my first book. She contacted me on Facebook to find out what the title of my book was. I referred her to the page on my facebook site. She was upset that I had not contacted her personally but that she had to find out from a friend of hers.

The response I received back was not what I expected. Instead of, “I’m glad, you have completed your first book and successfully publish the book.” It was. “Why did you choose a children’s genre and what the hell was in your mind. You need to convince me that you have not gone off the deep end.”

The response surprised me. She is usually understanding and considerate, but not this time. Not that it was the first of this kind. Several of my friends had mentioned that they could not picture me as writing a children’s book.

Of course, they know me. Been with me, when I had been in restaurants when others children began their tradition of screaming and making a nuisance of themselves, so that everyone around them cannot enjoy their meals. I have made it clear that every restaurant should have a children’s area, just like smoking.

Did I hear that smoking areas are going away?

I have asked her to explain herself about the book. How she feels. She has yet to respond. My other friends chalk it up to my response to other kids, but they have seen me with my grand-kids and my brothers and sisters kids.

Clearly, people you think know you do not know you at all. They can be surprised by the things you do and especially by the books you write. I wonder if, by me writing this one book, it has damaged our relationship. She has yet to respond to my calls or emails.

I will move forward and do as I always do. Forget it and let it roll off my back. I am sure that, as writer, other critics will have far worse things to say about this book and other books that I write.

Life is a roller coaster. You can’t always be up, nor can you always be down. It’s how you handle the two that matters.

What do you think? Been rejected by your family and/or friends because of the books you chose to write?