As a young teenager and frog, Cody’s dream of travel comes to life when he learns that the US Postal Service can send him around the world.

Cody has not made it easy to raise him, because of his negative attitude about school and no self-discipline because of a lack of a father figure in his life. One morning, after arriving home late the previous night, Cody and his mom have a screaming match in his room. She has warned him in the past about coming home past his curfew. She now decides that tough love is the only way. She tells Cody it’s either her way or the highway, and he makes the decision to leave home. Cody sees this as his chance to travel and see the world, all he ever dreams about in class.

Cody chooses a box high on a post to call home, where he discovers by his investigative skills, that the items placed in the box daily are packages and letters and they can take him places. Using the USPS, Cody starts on his adventure where he meets other frogs, including the Gang of Colors, a group of frogs, of different colors, red, yellow, blue, green, and brown. Cody had never seen frogs of colors before and wanted to be a part of the gang. At first, they were not so friendly, but, they eventually come around. He’s captured by a set of rowdy twins who see Cody as just one more prisoner to add to their collection, and there’s mayhem when his friends, the Gang of Colors, the Spiders, and Bull the frog, all his friends he has met on his trip, work to set him free.

This is my first book, but not my last. It has taken me three years to publish this book. I hope they will start to roll off the presses much faster now that I have produced the first. Now my family can stop telling me that I would never publish the first book. The book is for sale on Amazon and B&N.

I will wait to see what everyone has to say. Of the one hundred or so agents I submitted the manuscript to, they all said no. But my motto in life has always been, “never stop trying.”

Link to the Amazon web site page: Cody’s Great Adventure