Pink slime … Have you ever seen the show, “The Blob?” Sounds like the same thing. It may or may not eat you.

By now we have all heard about the issue concerning the meat that schools have been asked to serve our children. Most if not all of the schools has rejected the meat and refuse to serve the pink slime, The Blob. Many of the parents are objecting to the meat, and filing complaints with the school.

Out of the Pink Slime raised the Blob. Growing larger as it devoured each child it consumed. Saturday morning horror shows.

Several of the larger grocery store chains have pulled the meat from their meat shelves. The producers of the meat have shut down several of their plans and laid-off workers. They have explained that the meat is safe to eat even though it does appear to have a pink slime on the meat.

Today the governors of three states intend to tour the plants where the meat product is processed. The three governors are Rick Perry of Texas, Terry Branstad of Iowa, and Sam Brownback of Kansas. They are in support of the meat and factories and suggest that people should start eating the meat.

The US Supreme Court is currently considering the Obama healthcare law. One of the sections of the law concerns the commerce section of the U.S. Constitution. If the US Government can use that law to force citizens to purchase health insurance.

Most of the people who attended the discussions, arguments whatever you want to call it, between the Supreme Court justices, and the attorneys representing both sides. Indicated that they thought the law was in jeopardy of being rejected by the US Supreme Court. They indicated that even Kennedy had his doubts about the law.

What if, between now and June, Kennedy decided that he thinks the law should stand. During this time, he decides that he is going to convince one more member of the conservative side of the bench to go along with him, and we end up with 5-4 vote to support the law. Understand I am talking hypothetically here.

The US Supreme Court would now support the idea that the federal government could start telling us what we should purchase as US citizens. Do you get where I am going here?

Within a few weeks, we could be told to start purchasing pink slime beef. Where would it stop after that? The first lady could decide that she is going to start dictating the meals that we buy. She could decide that many of the products offered by McDonald’s, and many of the fast food restaurants no longer are acceptable in her drive to reduce obese children.

This was just one of many articles that I have noticed today while reading on the Internet. What do you think? Pink Slime or the Blob?