Glory be, two posts in one week and the movie industry is going to provide both of them. I am sure that everyone has heard the brew-ha-ha concerning what Mr. Robert De Niro had to say last night in front of a large audience of Demarcate contributors about “White First Lady’s.”

How could you miss it? It has caused such a stir within the Republican Party and the four men running for the GOP nomination for president. Newt has made the biggest noise about the remark, but that’s expected.

There is an outcry for De Niro to apologize, and for the President to apologize to all four women of the men running for the GOP nomination.

The first Lady has already apologized herself, Mrs. Obama, for the remark, but that is not good enough for Newt. He wants the president himself to apologize for the remark. We shall see how this plays out. We all know how the Democrats make noise whenever any remark is made that can be colored as a racist remark about the President.

My issue with this is we have a movie star that we all would consider as a man at the top of the heap. Whom we all know, and believe has made some of the best movies, in his past. Who has now decided to show his crappy side to the world.

It’s like movies that are being made in Hollywood these days … crap. I watched a movie recently that De Niro was in called “Elite Killers.” Suppose to be a true story. It was not that good of a movie. I ended up doing other things half way through the movie.

That’s how I know when the movies are bad. I begin to do other things during the movie other than watching the actual movie itself.  Messing with the iPad or smart phone or talking on the phone. Anything other than the mind-numbing movie in front of me.

Well, enough is enough. I need to get off this subject. My wife says I have said too much already. I felt this is a good example of the crappy attitude that is floating around Hollywood and the reason we have so many crappy movies coming out of Hollywood. Crappy people = crappy attitude = crappy products.