Do you feel like you walk around with your hands in the air all the time, as if Big Brother is watching you constantly? You may not be wrong.

Recently I applied for a job. I should say started to apply for the job. When I started the online process, I discovered that I was required to apply through my LinkedIn account. I canceled the process and did not apply. I am fearful of applying for any job that requires that I use one of the social media accounts that I enjoy.

Yesterday I read an article on the CNBC website concerning the fact that employers are now asking job seekers to provide their user name and password for their Facebook account. Some people in the legal profession say this is not legal. While others say that there is really nothing you can do about it, other than refuse to provide information. Of course, you run the risk of being turned down for the position.

I would not be surprised that in the future employers will require you to complete the online process by applying through your Facebook page. That way they can gain access to your Facebook account and profile without having to ask for your username and password. They want to know how you think and what better way than how you talk to your friends on Facebook.

That’s why so many people are cleanup their Facebook accounts and de-friending people all the time now. One of my friends has de-friended over 200 people in the last 90 days that he has not communicated with in the last 6 months on Facebook. If he does not know what they are doing, he does not want them attached to his Facebook page.

What if the next time you go to register one of your children in school, and they ask for your child’s username and password for their Facebook page? Better yet, what if they ask for the parent’s username and password for their Facebook page.  Have you considered what you would do in that situation?

What if they started asking for your child’s email accounts as well, even the parents email account. If they did not get the information, what if they would not allow you to enroll your child in school. We may not be that far from those type situations.

As I watch they way school boards think these days, and the way they work, I would not be surprised to see them start testing the waters. The more ways we communicate, the more we open our lives to intrusion by outside forces.

The government already is listening to everything we say and write. It’s just one more step to our social media accounts.