It’s been several weeks since I posted to my Blog because I could not decide what I wanted to post. I can’t bring myself to post just anything that pops into my mind. It has to be something relevant with the time. An issue I feel passionate about, and have discussed with my wife and friends, the few friends I have anyway. I am not a real outgoing person, so my friends are limited.

While growing up my family packed it up every two and half years and moved. I learned very quickly that you did not make friends. They wouldn’t be there very long. That has carried over into my adult life.

Yesterday I read about the new movie, John Carter that came out two weeks ago. Disney expects to lose $200 Million in the second quarter. They spent $240 million making the movie, and another $100 million in advertising cost. Wow, what a crappy movie.

I have not been inside a movie theater in close to ten years. I don’t see the point, and I cannot bring myself to waste my hard earned money on movies that are just as crappy as this one.

Besides, all I had to do is purchase a 3D TV, and wait the four to six months, and the move comes out on DVD or Blue Ray. Then I can watch it in the comfort of my home. I have now saved myself from the displeasure of hearing all the screaming babies, talking kids, cell phone chatter and texting of teens that now days interrupt the movies. You know the ones that the parents drop off at the theater to get them out of the house, so they have some time alone from the mad house of the kids. They turn there problems loose on society.

The few friends I do have told me about their experiences when they go about how bad it has gotten over the years at the movies. Why would you want to put yourself through all that mayhem to watch a show that usually is not worth the $14.00 for a ticket, plus the $6 popcorn and $6.00 water? That’s a total of $26.00 per person to go to a movie that in the end is not worth the money.

For a family of four, it cost close to $100 to go to the movies. That cost is now reaching a point where only the 1% group can afford the movies. While costs continue to go up, salaries remain either stagnate or declining.

Movie stars collect their pay up front. Most of them now earns $20 million per movie. They know better than to base their pay on how the picture is going to produce in the theaters. They know it’s crap going into production.

What if the movie stars got paid the same way as authors, based on how the public thought about their books. Do you think movies would improve? Think it would be worth going to the movies again?

Do you think we would have seen the Twilight series in theaters? What a looser movie series that turned out to be. Watching a teenage girl that never learned how to grow up decide she wanted to become a vampire. I call that movie series, a reverse nightmare version of Titanic.

Then we have the detective that barges into the drug house jams his finger into the pound of cocaine and then into his mouth. “Yeah, that’s the stuff alright. We got our man.” He never has any effect from the drug.

Then the cop that gets shot twice and then runs a mile after the perp that shot him, and catches the guy and stands there waiting for the other cops to catch up. Did I also tell you the cop isn’t even breathing hard after that run.  Come on … that is writing. As an author, you would be laughed out of the bookstore. These people that write for TV or the movies get away with this kind of issues all the time.

I am sure everyone knows that Titanic is being rereleased in the next few weeks in 3D. It would be funny if it stayed at number 1 for several weeks as the women go see the 3D version as they did the 2D version. That was a good movie.

Now days I watch very few of the movies released. I have a Netflix subscription, but most of the time the que is empty, because I refuse to watch a move just because I can during the month. It has to be worth my while. I wish that Netflix had a negative rating for the movies. 90% of them would receive the negative rating from me. I watch more of the old movies than I do the new ones.

Now you see how I feel about the crap the movie studies release now days. They waste millions on movies that should have never been made. I keep asking myself why. There is no clear reason other than they all think they are producers and know more than the public does.