The other day when the new word came out that describes people that cannot live without their cell phones, I began to think about the number of people in our groups that I see on twitter and Facebook all the time. The new word is nomopohia. I hear of people that must go to bed and sleep with their cell phone, almost as their sex partner. I have to admit I know one lady who sleeps with the phone right next to her every night. I sent her a text one morning at 3:30 am thinking the cell would be in another room. To my surprise, I woke her up.

My cell phone is downstairs in my office on the charger. Every night when I go to bed it is in the same location. It is the only phone in the house. If someone tried to contact me, I would not know it until the next morning.

I started thinking about the number of people in our group who live on twitter and Facebook. I get up every morning at five o’clock. I open my iPad and scroll through my twitter accounts. I see people there from our group who appear to have been on their all nightlong. If I check throughout the day, it seems like they are still on twitter. They never seem to take a break. There is one gentleman that seems to post a comment to twitter every 5 to 10 seconds. I might stay on twitter twenty or thirty minutes, and then I am off I have a life to live. My cell phone very rarely goes with me anywhere.

I go to my moms who live 200 miles away, and I have been known to live the whole weekend with out it.

Facebook is the same. There are people posting comments on Facebook starting as early as two and three in the morning. There is one lady that seems to have trouble sleeping, and she is posting pictures and comments starting early in the morning.

I just do not see how anybody gets work done when spending this much time on the social networking sites. Either they have somebody else posting this information to twitter and Facebook, or, they are not meeting their goals. They have become so addicted to the internet that it has become more important to them than the writing that they were so dedicated to in the past.

I have developed my own word for those people who seem to live on twitter and Facebook. These people are called Twitofasphobias. They live and die by the words of twitter and Facebook. I firmly believe that the first thing they do when they get up in the morning is turn on their computer then turn on the coffee pot. They cannot wait to post their first comment of the day. They feel the adrenaline rush as they hit the enter button, and see that post as it appears on the screen, and know that millions of people out there have read their post.

The other day I heard there is another social network that people are flocking to called Pinterest, and it has become more popular than face book. We have become junkies of the internet.

The first company that develops a device that can be installed in the brain that has replaceable memory chips so you can scan the internet and we as humans can view with our mind with be a trillion dollar company. It will be bigger than Google or Apple every thought of being.

I hear that Google will have glasses developed, and for sale within the next two years that you can wear and view the internet while walking and working. They say you will also be able to make calls with the glasses. They will be wireless.

We are developing at warp speed into the future. Who knows where we will be in ten years with the electronic we have developed so far. Just wait and all you Twitofasphobias will only have to think it and the thought posted for you. Of course, that could be a bad thing. How do you turn it off while in the throes of  …  will you get the idea.