The bullying continued all through the year and we were near the 3/4 point of the school year.

Thank goodness that PE was the only class that I had with these two boys. Every day it was the same thing, constantly pushing and shoving and knocking me down during the class. Anything to abuse me in front of my classmates and friends. After class, while we were waiting for the bell to ring, gathered in a small hallway inside the door, the two boys would walk up behind me and one of them would grabbed my arms, and the other would proceed to start pounding on me. My friends and other classmates would back away providing them plenty of room to pound away as long as they desired.

I remember one day I decided to try and defend myself, and I reached out and grabbed one of the boys, shoving him against the wall. Then I grabbed him by the neck and threw him on the floor, pouncing on top of him. Immediately a roar went up from all of the other kids in the hallway. You could tell by the look on his face that he did not like this. They were cheering for me. He started hollering for his friend to grabbed me and pulled me off. I tried my best to hold on but they had the upper hand in no time and pulled me off and proceeded to pound away kicking and hitting me until the bell rang.

By the time they’re pounding was over, my nose was bleeding and my shirt was ripped and I knew it was going to be another sad day at home.

None of my friends made any attempt to try and help me while these two boys proceeded to pound on me in the hall. They just stood there and watched. I have asked a couple of my friends during this time why they never tried to intercede, and they always gave me the same answer. They did not want these two boys to start picking on them.

During lunchtime I went by the home-ece Dept. and talk to one of the girls to see if she could sew up my sure. She did a pretty good job and no one noticed when I got home, and therefore I avoided any problems.

It still bothered me, that all this time all of my friends would much rather watch me get beat up kicked, stomped and humiliated rather than help me defend myself against these two boys. I had eight or nine friends at this time, and between all of us we probably could’ve done more damage to these two boys then they could’ve done to us. But they would much rather watch what these two did to me than do anything to protect me.

Over the years I have thought about this, and I think that it is our human nature that we would rather see one human being be destroyed than to do anything to help them. Deep down inside I think we are an animal society that loves to see the thrill of the kill. And when we see the possibility of that kill, we allow it to take control and watched to see what will happen.

This was happening to me on a daily basis. But I was also growing very tired of this. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a younger brother who I fought with on a regular basis, and we would fight like cats and dogs. We fought to the finish. Almost as if we were trying to kill each other. I had almost reached the point with these two boys that I was prepared to fight one or both of them to the same degree. It was only going to take one little push for me to make that final decision.