I have decided to ask the question that I think the first time writers would like an answer to from all of you long time writers, and those of you that have successfully published your first or second book. This falls into the same area as the virginity question I asked.

This may open me up to indicate my ignorance to the subject of writing, but as my teachers and professors always told me, “There is never a stupid question.”

I have read “Many” books covering the subject of writing. In every one of them that discusses grammar, the issue of adjectives and adverbs comes up, and it tells the reader to avoid them altogether.

The last book I read. The author said that when a prospective agent reads a book sent to him to consider that if he/she sees a lot of adjectives or adverbs he will stop reading and throw the book at the side, even if he/she likes the story.

I have spent the last two days revising my first book. Going through the book removing every adjective, adverb I can find and making revisions in the book. I plan to do the same to the other three I have already completed.

I found that all the adverbs could go without effecting the story. That was a good thing.

How do you feel about it? All of them go some of them go. How do you decide? I know this can be a loaded question. Or, do you stay away from this, and not respond to the questions.