I was watching the political debate last night, and thinking about how many times I heard the Republican candidates talk about changing the tax code.

I’ve been on this earth for 64 years and able to vote for the majority. I have listened to candidates and politicians talk about changing the tax code system for many of those years. Do you know how many times it’s really happened … Never!

For any candidate to have a chance at changing the current tax code, the following would have to happen.

1. Someone would have to eliminate Grover Norquist.

2. All current sitting congressmen and senators would have to be voted out of office. All, at the same time. And replaced with fresh new faces or baby face congressman and senators ready to work together.

3. The current president would have to be reelected.

4. All lobbyist would have to be told they could not visit, contact in any way; that would include e-mails, phone calls, send family members, contact family members, use any form of telepathic contact, send US postal mail, or any other form of contact. To any government official concerning the past current or future tax code.

5. Put a group of congressmen and senators in a room together, and tell them they had to come up with the new code, and until they do, they can’t leave the room.

6. Place Seal Team Six outside the room with orders to shoot to kill if they left the room.

Then and only then we might get a revised tax cut code. Otherwise it would be easier to deliver cold water to the people in hell.

What do you think … Could anyone change the system as it is now with the lobbyist, congress and senate as it stands now?