This is the first thing I can remember in my life as a little boy, and when I say little, I mean little. My dad was stationed in CA, and we lived in the country. We lived next door to a rancher who had cattle and several bulls.

Next to our house was an alpha alpha field that was always growing with flush green alpha alpha. My brother and I were to young for school, so we were home all the time and out doors playing. Back then no body worried about their kids, and strangers, pedophiles, and all the crap we have to worry about now.

When we got in the field, and down, on our knees, we could run around and play hide and seek. We could not see each other until we poked our heads up to see where we were. Many a time our mom would walk out in the yard and call us for lunch, or just to come home, and we would lay in the field, and she would not know where we were until she threatened us with our fathers belt.

Every now and then the rancher would cut the alpha alpha down for hay, and we would have to find somewhere else to play until the green field grew back.

We had paths all through that alpha alpha and had more fun in that stuff than with toys. The simple things in life are usually so much more fun to play with.

One day, we were playing in the field, and we hear a noise. Sounded like a truck, but we don’t think much of it and continue to chase each other around our paths. We continue for a while and then we heard another noise, like a grunt, an animal would make. I remember my brother stopped and looked at me and raised his head up slowly, and then fell flat on the ground. “There’s a bull on the other side of the pasture.”

“What,” was about all I remember saying. I looked back toward the way he indicated, and when I did, the bull was also looking my way. When I hit the ground, I heard the bull grunt again, but this time it was a different kind of grunt.

One that sounded as if he were not happy we were in his field. We both stood up, and looked at this bull, and he was massive. He was the biggest thing we had ever seen in our life. If he ran over us, we were dead. About that time, the owner who was standing on the other side of the pasture saw us, and yelled at us to run. We weren’t sure what to do. But we figure running was better than standing our ground against this one ton animal.

The bull was, he started to paw the ground and kicked his head back, and began to move forward, toward us. The rancher was still yelling for us to run. By now, our mom had heard the commotion and was outside and she saw the situation, and added her voice to the course of demands for us to run.

My brother and I turned and started running as fast as we could run across that field. The green alpha alpha hit us about waist high and slowed us down. We tried our best to use the paths we had, but they were so zig zag, that they just wouldn’t work, so we had to run straight. I could hear that bull pounding the ground as he ran across that field. He continued to grunt and make noises as he ran. His hoof’s sounded like a bass drum beating every time his hoof’s hit the ground, and the closer he got the louder the drum got.

At one point, I started to wonder if we would make it to the fence. I looked over and saw my brothers face and he had started to cry, and I felt sorry for him and promised us that we were not going to die. We would make it one way or another. That bull just kept on coming, but the fence was getting closer, as well.

I could still hear that rancher yelling run, and our mom screaming as loud as she could to do the same thing.

When we reached the fence, we both dove under the fence and slide as if we were diving into the ocean. When I stood up and turned around the bull, was standing on the side of the fence watching us. It looked as if he was smiling.

The next several days the bull stayed in the field. Every morning he was on our side of the field waiting for us to come outside. He would look at us and then wonder away to eat. Every now and then he would give us a look as if to see if we wanted to challenge him again.

I didn’t think so.