Ever wonder what a tree, or a skateboard, or maybe even your best friend’s back would sound like if it could sing? Well, stop. Using nothing more than a state-of-the-art high tech radicalness and a hefty dose of creativity this group of engineers has designed a device that turns any surface into a playable instrument. It’s called a MOGEE and we want one now

In this video they show how it is possible to perform gesture recognition just with contact microphones and transform every surface into an interactive …

This video from U-Tube makes we wonder how soon someone will produce sounds for the bedroom that we will listen to as we drift off to sleep, of the tree, or rock, maybe even dirt. You have to admit this is magical in what they created here.

Do you find this interesting? I certainly do. I wondered what sounds could be produced and how many different ones could be connected to create a full length song, that we would find interesting. Us humans find different sounds and songs interesting depending on where they came from.