Now that, I have started writing this new blog addition, I have started thinking about what was going on in my life at that time. I had a younger brother who was about 13 months younger than I.

Our mother always said that we would be extremely close when we grew up. While I am here to tell you, that did not happen. What I can tell you is the reason she thought we would be close. We fought like cats and dogs, all the time. And when I say fought, I mean fought. We were out for blood, and we would use any means possible to draw blood from the other person.

Knowing this, you would have to ask the question, if I got into fights like this with my brother, then why would I put up with harassment from these two boys? I asked my self the same question now. If I were willing to put my life on the line to fight my brother, then why not, to deal with these two idiots that were making my daily life a living hell at school.

I don’t have an answer to that question. Maybe because my father was so strict, and I was afraid that if I got into trouble at school, he would be the one that would come down hard on me. And I was willing to put up with these two boys, than deal with him, and his form of punishment.

It’s fascinating how we view situations years later when we have a more open mind to view them.

Stay tuned … more to come.