It all started in the seventh grade. But it all ended in the seventh grade, as well.

The first time I remember these two guys harassing me was in gym class. We were waiting for the bell to ring so we could change classes, and one of them walked up behind me and shoved me into the other one, and of course, he had to shove me back. “Hey Jones, watch out what you’re doing. Think I’m your door mat?”

About that time, the bell rang and the first one that shoved me grabbed my books and tossed them out the door. I was a book nerd by chose, but not by my grades. I would carry around three or four pens and pencils in my shirt pocket every day. What a nerd I was.

Now that, I think about it, maybe that’s why they started to pick on me. Later in school, when I was in the 11th grade. A beautiful girl that wanted to date me, but I showed little interest toward, had walked by me one day in the hall and grabbed my report card out of my pocket. I was always making A’s in History and B’s in Chemistry, and she figured that I was one of these nerdy students that made all A’s. She soon found I was just and average student in everything else, and felt totally embarrassed, after she read my report card to everyone in the hall. She handed my report card back to me, apologized, and ran down the hall crying. I never figured out why she was crying.

But, we digress … After this incident in the gym, it all started with these two mean guys. Every day in the halls, class(gym), play ground, after school walking home, where ever they could find me. They went after me.

I tried to avoid them, but they always seemed to find me. It was as if they had spies looking for me. And in the gym there was no getting away from them.