Have you ever woke-up one morning and while lying in bed, started to think about all the little things that have happened to you in your life. Thought about, how they have formed you and the life you now live. As I started this course, I began to think about all the experiences that have happened to me in my life, and how much I actually have experienced that other people will never get to enjoy. Things that would curl your hair, or make you laugh so hard you would not be able to stand. Some of it because my dad was in the US Air Force.

I realized yesterday that through living my life as carefree as I have, defying all rules that my demanding father placed on us kids, I actually have many different short stories I can tell, and add to my blog that I think people would enjoy reading about. Some are funny. Others are not so funny and may make you cry. Others were painful to me but funny to others.

There was one where the doctor was laughing so hard, he had to stop stitching me several times because he could not hold the needle straight. While my dad, continued to tell him how I came to need the stitches. Then how I would need a pillow when I got home. You will hear that story, as well.

Check back now and then and see what new story has been posted and ready about the events in my life and how they shaped my life, or as my mother told me several times, “Nearly ended my life.”