This story caught my interest the other day on CNBC, I find this story interesting because CNBC should be providing us confidence while we as investors invest our money. Yet the story goes into detail about why the medium to small investors running for the hills.

I thought about this for a while, and then came to the conclusion that most people figure that if the large companies are hoarding their money, then why shouldn’t the medium to small investor do the same.

Why should we believe what the large number of so-called professionals have to say, that are guest on the different shows on CNBC, and profess to know all that’s happening within the financial world. They have been known to be incorrect before. Prior to the financial disaster of 07 and 08, they told us everything was peachy. Then the bottom fell out and they were standing there holding out their hands begging for our tax dollars to survive. How do we know that the same thing is not about to happen again.

We hear that one of the host of Squawk Box is professing that the Dow will go up by 30% this year. Who in their right mind would believe anything like that, when Europe is on the verge of total collapse. All it would take, is for one or two of those countries to go into default and the financial markets in this country would enter into chaos and the stock market would fall back at least 1000 to 2000 points.

Most of the people on these shows are begging for the world to believe everything they tried to suck us into. The problem is that most people have no faith in the financial markets or our federal government. And the Republican party and the people who we have running against Barack Obama have pretty much made it a for sure deal that Barack Obama will be the president of this country for the next four years.

It’s a for sure deal. Most people will not invest their money while Barack Obama is still in office. No one is sure what he will do next. Until the Supreme Court decides what they will do with his health initiative no one is going to invest a penny. There is no guarantee that the US Supreme Court will block his health care law.

Right now I would say that our financial markets are on the same course as the ship that just ran aground. Until we have a Fed that we can believe, a government that we can trust, and a group of governing politicians they can work together. I would say there is little hope of people investing in this market.