Early in the morning is usually my time for reading. It’s usually myself and the two cats who are up and around the house. My wife is usually still in bed, and won’t even consider getting out of bed until around 7 AM. Oh, by the way I’m usually up at five. The cats would never let me sleep past five.

I usually turn on the TV to CNBC, Squawk on the Street. I grab the iPad, my cup of Starbucks coffee, and sit down in my favorite chair in front of the TV. Our two cats are laid out on the sheepskin rugs, also in front of the TV.I spent a few minutes watching what Joe, Andrew and Becky are currently discussing, and then turn the TV down to barely audible levels. Grab the iPad, turn it on and flip over to either the Kindle or Nook software and fire up a book. By nine o’clock that morning, I have read at a minimum, a third of a book, if not more.

Several times during the morning, I will put down the book, and headed to the kitchen to refresh my cup of java. I’ll also turn up the TV to here what they are discussing. The amazing thing to me, is that it’s like a daytime soap opera. It’s the same old crap they were discussing yesterday, the day before, and the day before that. They’re like a bunch of “Talking Bobble Head Dolls.”

Unless there’s some major event happening in the world, creating chaos within the financial industry. It’s all the same thing, and you really don’t need to listen to it every single day. They have nothing new to add to the discussion. As I said in the previous paragraph, their heads are bouncing up and down and side to side. They’re discussing the same old thing day after day, and nothing is new. They just put a new twist on it but it all comes out the same, bla bla bla bla bla.

That’s why I get so much reading done in the mornings. I don’t waste so much of my time paying attention to the same oh information week after week. I don’t miss anything either. My peripheral eyesight would pick up anything that was important when it flashed on the screen. If it was that important it would hit the screen like a bombshell.

So every morning the bobble head dolls hit the screens at five AM, and talk until 9 AM, until the next set of bobble head dolls come on to finish out the morning.

What a great time to read. The rest of the day I can devote to my writing.