The New Hampshire primary is today, and current reports indicate that there will be a lower-than-expected turnout of voters. Some political analysts, think this is due to the fact that people believe that Romney is going to be the expected winner, and therefore, they do not see the point of voting.

I have a different take on the matter. I think that if you take the percentage of voters that do not vote in this primary; those are the voters who are still waiting for the right person to enter the race.

Place the picture of a vacant head in the field of candidates, and put that number of non-voters, next to that vacant head, and see if he or she would be the winner. That would tell you a lot about what the Republican voter or independent thinks about the current field.

The idea that the average Republican or independent is still unhappy with the current field has been discussed numerous times. No one is brave enough to step out, and even suggest that the nonvoters are representative of the people that are still unhappy with the current field. I say that we should place the vacant head in the current field, and show the number of nonvoters as those still waiting for the proper person to inner the race.

As the GOP primaries move forward, I think it is inevitable that the GOP will elect a candidate that Barack Obama will ultimately defeat in the presidential race. The current entrance will spend so much time tearing each other down, that they will open up the scars that will provide Pres. Obama the necessary ammunition to defeat who ever is ultimately selected as the GOP candidate.