WELCOME, FELLOW ADVENTURERS … welcome to my world. This blog will deal with the books that I write, and the  fun I have, as I create my characters, my script, and bring it all to life. After 35 years in the corporate world I have found the next phase of my life that I enjoy creating all my own.

My kids are grown, my grand-children are almost grown, and life is full of adventures waiting to put on paper.

I am, the writer, director, and executive director of my dreams, and will watch it all explode to life. This will be my world and thrill, bringing to life new characters in every book that I write. Nothing will hold me back from developing the life, and adventures of each character that I decide to put on the pages I write.

New worlds will be created, new dreams will be lived out in full splendor. Who says you can’t have a Playboy bunny for a girlfriend? Be the goofy little geek that solves the crime of the century, and brings the beautiful girl home to mom. Who decides she’s not good enough for her son and cast her in gold, and she becomes the garden statue.

Check back with us on a regular bases, we’ve already completed four full-length novels; with two more in production.