I picked up the book from my library yesterday, The Late Show, written by Michael Connelly. As I started to read the book, I realized that I had read this before, in another Connelly book. It also dawned on me that in the Amazon Prime Bosch series, this story was also part of that series. I cannot remember which book this story within but it is a regurgitation of an old story.

I hate it when authors do that, regurgitating an old story to make it new. A change the names but that’s it. I figure they must do this because they figure that groups like the millenniums will not read their older books. But for us like the baby boomer generation who have followed Connelly for many years we have read the older books.

Keep this in mind and pick up a book to read, especially by an author who has written his many books as Michael Connelly. You may be surprised to discover you read the story already only with different characters.

North Korea

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How many of you really believe that North Korea wants to denuclearize and make peace with South Korea? I figured not many.

Here’s my theory. North Korea is going to continue to tell the South Korean government that they are willing to de-nuclearize and sign a peace treaty with the South. One of their requirements will be that the US military leave South Korea altogether. Eager to sign the peace treaty, the South will require that the US leave South Korean mainland.

The idiot that we have for our president now, who doesn’t read and I’m not even sure he knows how to spell and eager to see this deal go through will agree to the withdrawal. Once the US is gone, North Koreans will flood into the South and South Koreans will flood into the north. Then one day the North Korean government will overthrow the South Korean government and bring out all their nuclear weapons that they have been hiding. Then North Korea, China, and Russia will threaten the US if they retaliate.

I hope our government is smarter than they appear to be right now. But I have my doubts.


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There are millions of us out there who have Amazon accounts. I have two, a business and a personal. About a week ago I discovered 2 charges against the debit card that I use on my business Amazon account. I contacted Amazon and they tell me they would do an investigation to find out what the charges were for. I told them it look like it was for a prime membership. They explained that if the charges were not made by me they would refund the money. Later in the day, I received an email from their customer service telling me they had discovered that the charges were for a prime account not associated with my account. They would refund the money and it would show up in my account within 3 to 5 business days.

A few days after this I am at the bank and I explained to them what had happened. They cancel the debit card and tell me they would issue me a new card. A few days after that I am at the bank again for a different reason and I am talking to the banker. He mentions to me that there had been 2 more attempts made against the debit card. They had flagged the card and the account to ensure no other fraudulent charges would be made against the account. He recommended closing the business account, canceling the debit cards and opening a new account and new debit cards, which we did.

I call Amazon and tell them about the new charges to my debit card and it looks like they have a problem with fraud. They explained that they will look into it and see what they can discover. Meantime I tell them I want to cancel my business account. Later I receive an email from Amazon telling me that to cancel the business account I must convert it to a personal account. I explained to them that I already have a personal account and I don’t need a 2nd one. But they tell me they cannot cancel business account only I can do that.

Yesterday I placed an order with Amazon. Fivve minutes after confirming the purchase a 2nd email shows up showing that I have ordered the same product a 2nd time. I go into my account and try to cancel 1 of the orders. I get an email informing me they cannot cancel the order because it is already being prepared for shipping. I call Amazon and request their customer service cancel 1 of the orders. I am informed that they can’t cancel the order because it’s already being prepared for shipping. That I can refuse the orders and they will issue a refund.

I tell you all this for one reason, you better be watching your Amazon accounts very closely. I have never had this much trouble with Amazon as I have had in the last week or so. It would appear to me that Amazon has a major issue going on internally. Possibly some of the unhappy employees have decided to get back at them online by creating issues with their customers.

WATCH your accounts.

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