Rogue Cops

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I love to read! There is one book that I have read or listen to the audio copy numerous times. This book captures my attention and zeal for the truth. If you haven’t read or listen to the audio copy of this book I encourage you to do so.

The fact that our public libraries offer audiobooks that can be checked out make it so easy for people to read or listen to some of the good books that are out there. I have a list of over 90 books that I plan to listen to the audio version. I can sit for hours and listen to the books. Now I know many of you will say listening to the audio version may not be as good as actually reading it, but I don’t care.

The name of the book I am referring to is by John Grisham. I am sure all of you have heard of John and the many books that he has authored over the years. The name of this book is “Rogue Lawyer,” and it is a spell bounding book and gives us insight into the crooked world of the police. I cannot get enough of this book, especially book number 3.


Police Brutality

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The recent killing of a Dallas man by a Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, has left me thinking.

If an everyday citizen with a permit to carry a weapon, where to park on the wrong floor, walked to the wrong door, and attempt to open it: and shooting the person inside the unit dead, that person would have been put in jail immediately and within 48 hours charged with murder. But because this was a police officer, and it was investigated by the Texas Rangers, they allowed Amber to remain free and did not charge her for several days. This stinks of bias on the part of the police. The DA of Dallas County is doing the right thing and doing her own investigation. This officer needs to be charged with murder and put in jail.

I believe that the tide is turning where past juries have let police off on murders because of who it was that was being charged. Not the person but what they stood for. Now, juries are looking at the situations more closely and I firmly believe that more police are going to go to prison.

Bob Woodward “Fear”

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I started to read Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear” today.

I watched the interview by Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show of Bob Woodward’s the other day. When Guthrie asked the question, “why should anyone believe you,” it dawned on me that it didn’t really matter. Even if Woodward had listed names, dates, times, for each item in the book, the reader still has to decide whether he believes what he is reading.

So who cares whether reader will believe him or not? You would have to have lived with your head in the sand not to see what is going on in our country. Whether you voted for Trump are not there has to be some fear of what is happening inside the White House. So as you read the book by Bob Woodward you have to either take it with a grain of salt or believe most of what is in the book is true.

So make your own decision, but don’t let the Today Show sway your opinion in either direction.

NEWS Reports

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If you watch the news every night, and the reports about the protesters against the new immigration rules, you began to see that the news channels are very biased on how they report. They will have five separate reports on people that dislike the new immigration rules but only one for people that support them. That’s why people hate the news channels. They’re supposed to be fair and unbiased but they are the biggest biased people in the world. That’s why I spend so little time watching the news. Everything is slanted to their liberal way of thinking.


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Their lives are so boring they have to protest to have a life.  Hugglyness is all they can show for a shallow life.


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Kudos to Chuck Todd and the Meet the Press crew. Today, January 1, 2017, they finally had a show that I enjoyed watching.



Obama recently said that he could have beat Trump if he could have run.  The important words here, “could have run.” He can’t back those words up so they’re just sand in the wind, just like his last 8 years. Why do people make statements they know they can prove; because they can and because they don’t have to prove them. Just sand in the wind.

When Obama leaves the White House he will be nothing but sand in the wind.

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